Friday, March 22, 2013

New Blog

I'm doing what I said I would never do and that's start a blog specifically for my jewelry business.  Why?  Because I started blogging personally last fall as Purple Mountain Girl and found that I like blogging.  It's another little place that I get to feel like I CONTROL THE WORLD!  Even though, probably, no one is listening...

I'm also converting my website over to this blog because, basically, it's Free~  I've learned so much from blogging that I became sure there was a way to have an e-commerce site using a blog; and if you have access to Google, you have all the knowledge in the world right in your hand!

Here are some things I learned to create this site:

1-Create a static home page.
This was important to me because I don't want visitors to have to slog through my ramblings to get to the good stuff (ie, my jewelry.)  I found this tutorial: and my blog now has a static landing page as well as maintaining a place for me share my trivial scribblings!

2-Getting rid of the blogger bar at the top.  Another VIP - very important project!  Your blog cum website looks much more professional and doesn't announce to the world that, "I'm too cheap to buy yearly website hosting!"  I found help here:  Very easy to do!

3-Centering the Blog Description.  I don't know WHY this is not a standard format in blogger or whatever but it bugs the buhjeepers out of me and has since I started blogging!  OCD much?  Anyway, another very easy fix that I found here:

I will leave it at that for now, don't even get me started on all the cool gadgets out there!  A Heartfelt Thanks to all the bloggers that have posted and shared their knowledge with us html-challenged folks!